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Image: Quiet Mark Certified BlockO taking both inspiration and motivation from Nordic design, texture, and functionality. BlockO have introduced a whole new meeting space to make your environment more enjoyable with soothing shapes and genuine materials creating a safe meeting space.

Quiet Mark featured in Architecture Magazine June/July 2023 issue


The ABC of Workplace Sound Design by Quiet Mark

Acoustics is one of the most important factors affecting the well-being and mood of people at work, and their love of a place, even if they are not aware of it. Having a sturdy tool kit of expert approved Quiet Mark Certified acoustic solutions at your fingertips throughout every project ensures looking after this vital check box in your responsible sourcing journey.

Quiet Mark is the independent global certification programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation (est.1959). Through scientific testing and assessment Quiet Mark identifies the quietest products and best noise reduction solutions in multiple categories spanning many sectors, including: home appliances and technology, building sector materials and commercial sector products.

Quiet Mark’s Acoustic Academy, provides a free to use, online guide of expertly verified leading acoustic solutions for every building application area. Amongst the many solutions listed, such as walls, flooring, ceiling systems, ventilation and insulation products, you’ll also find a range of acoustic solutions to create best practice sound design.

A is for Armourcoat Acoustic Plaster

Armourcoat Acoustic Plaster System installed in Minster Buildings, 3 Minster Court reception areas and atrium, London. 21 March 2018

Image: Minster Buildings, 3 Minster Court reception areas and atrium, London. 21 March 2018

The Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System [pictured above] is designed to optimise the acoustics of interior spaces.  Made in the UK, Armourcoat manufactures and installs its own brand system to ensure the highest possible standards. Offering a clean flat and smooth mineral surface that can be applied seamlessly over large expanses to both flat and curved surfaces, Armourcoat Acoustic® offers excellent sound absorption achieving a class ‘A’ Noise Reduction Coefficient.

B is for BuzziSpace Acoustic Lighting

The BuzziHat acoustic lighting system by BuzziSpace provides excellent sound absorption

Excellent sound absorption capabilities are amazingly delivered by the BuzziSpace decorative and highly recognizable hat-shaped pendant light. The upholstered foam body is available in a wide palette of colour and fabric combinations. BuzziHat [pictured above] is available in different sizes to fit different sonic environments which makes it the ultimate acoustic lighting for any office, lobby or restaurant that needs acoustic absorption treatment combined with high-quality lighting.

C is for Ceilings: Knauf & Curtains: Silent Gliss

Knauf Ceiling Solutions Heradesign Plano is what sustainable acoustics look like: is a single layer magnesite bonded wood wool acoustic ceiling and wall panel. The high-quality wood wool acoustic solution opens up an almost infinite variety of designs that make a crucial contribution to creating ecological and comfortable spaces. Knauf Ceiling Solutions Heradesign has been dealing with the complexities of acoustics for decades. Besides the study of noise and acoustics, this means the development of sustainable, acoustically optimised solutions.

Adding a layer of fabric at a window instantly reduces noise reverberation, thereby improving speech intelligibility. Curtains offer the highest acoustic benefit due to the larger surface area, but even a roller blind will have a noticeable acoustic effect. The design and structure of the fabric is important, Silent Gliss fabrics are woven with high acoustic attributes balanced with our need for natural light. Fabrics such as Colorama Acoustic have transparency levels that allow soft diffused daylight, a view, and a comfortable room ambience. For the home or work, curtains and blinds are an effective way of providing a decorative solution to sound absorption.

Quiet curtain tracks are a must to eliminate all irritating operational noises. Quiet Mark certified Silent Gliss models: SG 5100 & SG 5600 electric tracks are ideal for hard-to-reach, large or heavy curtains, AV and conference rooms or just a touch of luxury. With total flexibility on control operated via a switch, remote control, Move app or via a home control or building management system.

D is for Doors: Enfield Speciality Doors + Dynamic Soundscapes: Moodsonic

Image: Colyer Fergusson Building, Kent University

It’s important to select a door that offers the best reduction for a particular type of sound, Enfield offer free advice in finding specific solutions to specific sound problems. Quiet Mark Certified Enfield Doors [pictured above] have been manufacturing flush, timber-framed bespoke doors for over 30 years with experience second to none.

Moodsonic’s soundscaping system [pictured below] uses intelligent audio to improve wellbeing and productivity indoors, including in workplaces and healthcare and education spaces.

The sound of our buildings is intrinsically linked to our quality of life. Better sound can counter some of the biggest challenges faced in today’s buildings: physical and mental health, focus and privacy, collaboration and creative thinking, and many more.

Moodsonic uses diverse and dynamic soundscapes, rooted in science, to improve occupant experiences in the built environment. The soundscapes are generated in real-time using algorithms and can subtly respond to changing environmental conditions. Moodsonic provides a lot of choice, with its library of content themes designed for a range of different people and spaces.

E is for Extracting Air Silently: S&P

Soler & Palau’s TD Silent Ecowatt: Acoustic Circular Duct Fan Series are low profile “Mixed-flow” fans with sound-absorbent insulation, extremely quiet, fan casing manufactured in plastic material, with a specially designed internal skin to direct the sound waves at the right angle for them to be captured by sound-absorbent material, fitted with flexible rubber seals on the inlet and outlet to absorb vibrations, with an external connection box, a body that can be removed without dismantling the adjacent ducting and therefore facilitating any installation or maintenance.

F is for Functional Acoustic meeting pods: BlockO

The Future of meeting pods is BlockO: a perfect circle in a world of squares.‎ Functional yet beautiful, pragmatic yet distinct, simple yet sophisticated.‎ Reinvigorating your interior space and refreshing your senses in an open office, lobby, school, airport or library with the flowing and soothing design of BlockO [pictured below].‎ A perfect booth for up to four people, where work and meetings take place in a more private setting and where you can focus without distraction.‎

Eye-catching design and safety are brought together in a BlockO.‎ Disinfection lighting and an antimicrobial coating destroy viruses and bacteria from its surfaces.‎ The exterior comes with a choice of wooden veneer finishes or Fenix laminate options, matched expertly with the perfect colour of a Slalom Eco Felt interior.‎

Image: Quiet Mark Certified BlockO taking both inspiration and motivation from Nordic design, texture, and functionality. BlockO have introduced a whole new meeting space to make your environment more enjoyable with soothing shapes and genuine materials creating a safe meeting space.

G is for Glass that really reduces noise: Internorm

Internorm is Europe’s leading, award-winning window brand for self-build and renovation projects, dedicated to providing bespoke and innovative, low energy window and door systems with outstanding acoustic performance. The new generation of Quiet Mark certified KF520 windows from Internorm, pictured below, offer sound reduction of up to 46bB, with a perfect combination of innovative design and technical know- how. With a glass sash and a slimline frame, the design evokes the look of fixed windows, and they can let more natural light into your home. Also, your new window will feature the revolutionary I-tec secure locking mechanism. Hidden in the window sash, this locking system makes levering the window almost impossible.

H is for Hand dryers Dyson

The Dyson Airblade 9kJ hand dryer uses 9.1 kilojoules of energy per dry in Eco mode. With a fleece-lined glass fibre HEPA filter to capture 99.95% of particles(1), including bacteria and viruses, from the washroom air. The quietest(2) Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer features silencers made from open-cell foam and perforated discs, reducing noise as airflow passes through the motor. The Dyson digital motor spins up to 75,000 times a minute(3), powering two 0.45 mm curved apertures. Together they create 388 mph(3) sheets of air that follow the contours of your hands, removing water quickly and hygienically.

I is for Insulation: Rockwool

ROCKWOOL Steel Frame Slab has been developed with non-directional stone wool fibres, meaning it absorbs noise and keeps its shape over time. The dimensional stability supports performance for the lifetime of a building by preventing sagging or slumping within the frame.

Manufactured using ROCKWOOL stone wool, Steel Frame Slab has the highest Euroclass A1 non-combustible reaction to fire. Acting as a barrier to fire, the slabs can withstand temperatures of up to 1,000°C. The use of stone wool insulation also makes Steel Frame Slab an effective thermal insulator, maintaining comfortable indoor environments by protecting against fluctuations in outdoor temperatures.


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