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Because the Only Fans You Should Hear during the Big Game are the Football Fans!

Because the Only Fans You Should Hear during the Big Game are the Football Fans!

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To the absolute joy of football fans everywhere, the UEFA Euro 2020 is finally taking place. Not only this, but with the current heatwave sweeping over the country, we also have the weather to complete the ultimate summer ambiance.

The game is about to start, you open a cool drink and sit back, but instead of the long awaited match taking center stage, all you can hear is the sound of a noisy fan somewhere in the background. Don’t despair – below, we list a range of Quiet Mark Certified Fans to keep you cool and focused on the match. Game on!


MeacoFan 360 Personal Air Circulator

The new MeacoFan 360 Personal Air Circulator, the smallest in the multi-award winning MeacoFan range, offers a compact version for use in the home, office or anywhere where a near silent, low energy cooling fan would be useful.

The 360 is particularly good for bedroom cooling because it is small enough to fit on a bedside table, or even on a windowsill. If you don’t want to wake up cold in the middle of the night, use the Off Timer and the fan will turn off after a set time to ensure you don’t wake up feeling too cold.

Meaco have used DC technology before in the multi-award winning MeacoFan 1056 fan so they know how good and reliable the technology is. The three major benefits are: low noise level, low running costs and a longer lifespan.


Duux Globe Fan

Globe is an affordable and uniquely modern desk fan that doesn’t scrimp on power. With a range of 7 meters, 90-degree horizontal and 80-degree vertical oscillation and 3 different speed settings, Globe covers an impressively large space. With the option of control panel or remote-control use and featuring a 1-6 hr timer, this powerful and energy efficient fan is the perfect companion to your table, desk or counter.


Devola 12″ DC Pedestal Air Circulator Fan

Efficient, strong and near-silent, this 12 inch Devola Pedestal Fan is effective, cost savings and super quiet. The Quiet Mark certification ensures that the noise level is not only quiet, but the frequency doesn’t shift in ways that will irritate your eardrums.

Equipped with 3 different modes including Normal, Nature and Sleep you can tailor your fan to suit any individual needs. With the Sleep Mode, the fan will gradually shut itself down meaning your sleep will remain undisturbed and you do not need to get up during the night to turn the fan down or off.

Also featuring a 69° vertical oscillation, a 45°, 75° or 120° angled horizontal oscillation, a 12 hour timer and 12 different fan speeds this quiet pedestal fan is a worthy option for keeping your room cool, refreshed as required for any bedroom, office, lounge or other medium sized room. The Devola Pedestal Air Circulator Fan has an adjustable height press, going from 690mm all the way up to 830mm.


Dimplex DXRCF Rechargeable Cooling Fan

The highly portable Dimplex DXRCF 5” desk fan is compact, rechargeable and one of the quietest cooling fans on the market. It’s stylish, simple design and white finish ensure it will look at home wherever you place it, be it the office or the bedroom, or even in the garden.

The 5-watt fan is charged through a USB port and includes a 1.5 metre charging cable. It can run for up to 15 hours (at the lowest speed setting) on a single charge. It has 4 speed settings, a 90 degree manually adjustable tilting head and an Air-Flow rate of 4.2 metres / second.


Dyson Pure Cool Link™ TP02 Tower Purifier Fan

The Dyson Pure Cool Link™ Tower purifier fan has dual functionality.

As a purifier, it automatically removes 99.95% of allergens from the air. It monitors, reacts and reports air quality to your Dyson Link app – enabling you to remotely control your environment.

And as a fan, it projects and circulates cooling air throughout the room.


Honeywell HY254E QuietSet Tower Fan

An elegant Honeywell tower fan with 5 cooling settings from whisper quiet up to turbo performance, suitable even in large rooms. Sleek design with chrome user interface and buttons. Now comfortable and powerful can be quiet.


NSAuk MTFDC-84RC Dual Position Midi Tower Fan

NSAuk’s Dual Cool Midi Tower Fan is compact, unique with clever features including its impressive dual position versatility ~ use in either the upright or horizontal position for a customised cooling experience in any space.

Together with its dual positioning and handy remote control, the Dual Position Midi Tower Fan hosts an impressive array of features including LED display which dims after 30 secs ~ making it ideal for night-time use, 8 speeds, oscillation, breeze and sleep modes, and an 8-hour timer helping to create the perfect environment.

These advanced features are run by a quiet and energy efficient DC motor which saves around 70% on running costs compared to a similar fan with a traditional AC motor.

The unique horizontal positioning is ideal for keeping pets cool in the summer months and the drum is removable allowing for easy cleaning and extra hygiene.

Pre-assembled and ready to use, simply ‘plug and go’ straight out of the box to enjoy quiet, efficient cooling wherever and whenever you need it.


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