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On the quiet: Kitchen extraction that doesn’t disturb daily life

Image credit: The Novy Panorama PRO 90 features a 90cm induction hob with a downdraft extractor that rises up to 30cm from within the hob’s surface to extract cooking vapours at source, directly behind the pans. Positioning the cooking zones side-by-side directly in front of the integrated extractor ensures that aerodynamic flow is continually optimised, resulting in a positive effect on the Panorama’s noise levels. (Photo: Searle & Taylor Kitchens/Paul Craig)

On the quiet: Kitchen extraction that doesn’t disturb daily life

By Lisa Hibberd for KBBFocus

The noise level of an extractor is a key consideration for many, especially those with open-plan spaces. Lisa Hibberd explores the technology behind some of the latest models with maximum noise levels of around 60dB – equivalent to the sound of normal conversation.

Quiet Mark is grateful to KBBFocus for approaching us for comment for this piece. We said:

With 58 Quiet Mark-certified cooker hoods, Belgian extraction and induction specialist Novy’s silent efficiency is renowned. In Episode 21 of The Quiet Mark Podcast, Henk Huisseune, innovation director was asked whether it was possible to create extractor fans that were both powerful and quiet. 

"Yes! In fact our target, at Novy, is to make goods which are as quiet as human conversation at 60dB or lower. The first thing that you want in a cooker hood is for the extraction efficiency to be high enough to do the job well. From there we start trying to make it as silent as possible, without compromising on the extraction efficiency, usually starting with the aerodynamics of the hood, using proper insulation materials and selecting a stable and silent blower, which is the core of the hood. Taking all these things into account, with the technical choices we make and the design optimisations that we do, we can make hoods which are as quiet as possible."



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