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Quiet fridges: 6 of the best Quiet Mark-approved appliances

Quiet fridges: 6 of the best Quiet Mark-approved appliances

With only the quietest appliances getting the Quiet Mark seal of approval – find out which refrigerators meet their strict criteria.  

Image: Hotpoint H7T 911T MX H Fridge Freezer

Whether you’re working from home or love your kitchen to be quiet, a buzzy fridge can be very annoying. We take a look at how Quiet Mark rate the fridges – and other appliances – that won’t drive us mad…

Staycation summer

Image: Liebherr SIGN3576 Integrated Freezer

What does summer make you think of? For us it’s strawberries and cream, Pimm’s in the back garden and Cliff Richard leading a singalong at Wimbledon. However, this summer is very different. Many of us are opting for staycations, and the new normal is working from home.

It’s a time when your refrigerator is working overtime to keep your food (and your choice of liquid refreshment) cool and fresh. But with kitchens now a social hub in many houses – and with lots of us working close to our kitchens, if not in them – you don’t want a noisy one.

Introducing Quiet Mark

Image: LEC R5517W Under Counter Refrigerator

Quiet Mark have been championing quiet domestic products – and more – since 2012, with only the quietest achieving their prestigious mark. They celebrate great acoustic design and assess the decibel levels of countless products. Buzzy fridges are a common issue – only approximately 25% of the refrigerators available meet their stringent criteria.

If you’re looking for a fridge that won’t drown out your Zoom meeting or your latest home schooling session, look no further.

Six that make the mark

Across a range of sizes and budgets, here are six fridges that have all achieved Quiet Mark certification. At the top end is LG’s dramatic GMX844MCKV multi-door fridge freezer, which is feature packed with wi-fi, linear cooling and a touch display. The Hotpoint H7T 911T MX H is at the other end of the spectrum in terms of price, but is sleek, quiet and boasts ‘no frost’ technology, meaning you’ll never have to defrost the freezer.

Image: LG GMX844MCKV Fridge Freezer

For those wanting an integrated solution, the Liebherr Sign 3576 is just a freezer, but one that punches above its weight. When it comes to smaller options, the Bush MUCFR55BLK Retro under counter freezer has a vintage vibe and a great A++ energy rating.

Image: Bush MUCFR55BLK Retro Under Counter Freezer

The Lec R5517W has a low noise output, a 107 litre fridge and a 16l freezer. For pure under-the-counter refrigeration, the John Lewis & Partners JLUCLFW6013 larder fridge won’t shake the rafters in terms of volume and has a door that can be hinged on either side, ideal for any kitchen layout.

Image: John Lewis Partners JLUCLFW6013 Fridge

Embrace the quiet life this summer…


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