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BuzziSpace BuzziTripl Home Acoustic Desk & Room Divider

  • Meet this free-standing desk and room partition collection, made of three layers of felt. It’s specifically designed with today’s compact homes and the new ways of working in mind, allowing you to focus while your family or your flatmates are around.

    Create a small, temporary office for focused work on your kitchen table with BuzziTripl Home Low. Just choose the level of privacy by turning the side panels, joined together with Velcro strips. The BuzziTripl Home High, on the other hand, hides visual clutter during video calls, is a great room divider and even works as a playroom for the kids. Both are very light, so you can easily pick them up and move them around the house.

    When folded BuzziTripl is so flat that it fits perfectly under the bed or in a cupboard. Want to work or play? Just fold it open and start. No hassle, no clutter, no installation.

    As many other BuzziProducts, BuzziTripl Home is a tack-able desk divider and room partition solution. Pin notes, pictures, your kid’s drawings or even your grocery list, on this bicolor divider.

    • Design by BuzziSpace Studio
    • Sizes: Low | High
    • Outside layers: BuzziFelt 6mm I 0.24” (both sides)
    • Core: Furniture Felt 6mm I 0.24”
    • Connection parts: Velcro strips Bicolor: BuzziFelt Anthracite and Offwhite
    • Dry Use
    • Flat Packed

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