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BuzziSpace BuzziWrap Desk Acoustic Panel

  • BuzziWrap Desk is a shield for noise and visual distractions. As it wraps around your desk, it converts a plain worktop into a cocoon while hiding the typical cable clutter on the backside of your table. It’s easy to install, and thanks to its various sizes and fix positions, it can be attached to almost any existing desk. In combination with the colorful palate of BuzziFelt, it will brighten up your day in silence.

    Even if you work in an open-plan office, you don't have to sacrifice personal space. This versatile office desk partition is created to meet the needs for privacy and concentration. With internal air gaps, the honeycomb cardboard core captures sound waves, helping reduce sound transfers from other workstations or even from people working closely together.

    • BuzziWrap Desk
    • Cover: BuzziFelt
    • Core: honeycomb cardboard + poplar wood
    • Profile: plastic 
    • Fix: powder coated metal black (RAL 9005), white (RAL 9010) or alu color (RAL 9006)
    • Dry use
    • Flat Packed Desk Mounted
    • Bicolor
    • Fix: L, L Plus, XL, XXL

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