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BuzziSpace BuzziDee Sound Absorbing Pouf

  • With this originally shaped acoustic series of poufs in the room, you can speak out without worrying about disturbing coworkers. Designed with flexible workspaces in mind, BuzziDee fits in a variety of setups—from informal meeting areas to break-out zones.

    The unique design of BuzziDee, with rounded corners on top and below, makes for a very comfortable seating experience. The soft edges and 3D patterns diffuse sounds while the acoustic foam body absorbs sounds without interference from a structural frame, delivering exceptional acoustic performance. With a large surface area, the pouf compensates largely for the absence of other sound-absorbing elements, helping to create a well-balanced space.

    BuzziDee makes the difference due to its versatility. It is firm but lightweight, allowing you to rearrange your setting. Add it to your existing table or put it aside to have it at hand when you need an extra seat. Add a unique look for your space by choosing the bicolor option or BuzziDee poufs are also available in different 3D patterns.

    • Design by BuzziSpace Studio
    • BuzziDee models: Solo | Solo Large | Trio | Plus
    • Filling: Acoustic Foam
    • Bottom: Antiskid, Wood, Plastic Feet or Wheels
    • Dry usage
    • Assembled
    • Bicolor: in same fabric collection

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