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BuzziSpace BuzziShield Hook Acoustic Room Divider

  • Create snug environments without building walls. BuzziShield Hook is a lightweight and flexible acoustic solution that not only helps to mitigate sound but also adds an unexpected design element within any workspace due to its 7 cm/2.8 in thick upholstered body and elegant curve. 

    BuzziShield Hook works well on its own as a partition between desks to create private workstations for both seated and standing desks. Or combine more than one BuzziShield Hook as room dividers to create areas for focus work, meetings, or collaborations to occur in an existing space without building walls. The possibilities are endless.

    BuzziShield Hook is a lightweight and effective solution that is extremely flexible, unlike built-in walls. You can effortlessly move BuzziShield Hook by sliding it on its feet, so 1 or 2 people can effortlessly move it around to create different zones in no time, and most importantly, happy and healthy workspaces.

    The adaptable BuzziShield Hook arrives in two different shapes, Flat and Wedge; two different heights, medium (150 cm/ 59 in) and high (180 cm/71 in); and comes in either a left or right variation. BuzziShield Hook can also be dressed in a variety of fabrics and colors to suit your decor needs.

    • Design by BuzziSpace Studio
    • BuzziShield Hook
    • Models: Flat | Wedge
    • Variations: Left | Right
    • Upholstered acoustic foam element
    • Cover: Fabric, Trevira CS+, Trevira CS, Revive 1, Clara 2, Remix 3, Hero, Tonus 4, Memory 2
    • Dry Use
    • Unassembled

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