Coway Noble AP-1521B Air Purifier

  • The Coway AP-1521B is a premium air purifier that covers a room size of up to 50m² with CADR of 390 m³/h.

    Coway's unique filter system strongly filters the air from four sides with a 4D three-dimensional filter and cares for hygiene with UVC LEDs. When utilizing all four sides, air is sucked in without wasting space, and clean air can be discharged in all directions 360º without obstruction, thus purifying the entire space evenly.

    It supports 3 modes with 'Air Pop-Up Motion' that changes the direction of the air to the desired location to suit your needs. Auto mode automatically adjusts air volume and ambient brightness. It senses the brightness in the room and goes to a quiet sleep mode when it gets dark. 

    When the air pollution is severe, the faster and more powerful turbo mode can be used. The pollution level sensor detects the indoor air pollution level in real time and automatically adjusts the product air volume and direction. By applying the PM1.0 sensor, even ultra-fine dust is detected in detail, and real-time air conditions are quantified and displayed in four stages of lighting.

    In addition to product and air conditions, various information about the indoor environment such as temperature, humidity, and gas pollution levels are provided. Use the IoCare App for convenient and smart air management anywhere.

    • Covers room size up to 50 m²
    • CADR of 390 m³/h
    • Premium architectural design inspired by architecture
    • ‘4D Three-dimensional filter ‘ 99.999% removal of ultrafine dust (0.01㎛), 99.99% reduction in viruses in the air, 99.9% reduction in bacteria, and inhibition of fungal growth 
    • UVC Sterilization Function (Sterilization of 99.9% E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus)
    • Filter notification 
    • Air pop-up motion to change the direction of air as desired (Full Circulation Mode / Front Concentration Mode / Rear Indirect Mode)
    • ‘Double Air Matching Filter’ allows a combination of 2 out of 6 filters to fit the situation
    • Provides ‘My Pet’ Mode
    • Manage smartly with IoCare App support
    • 4 colors (Brown, Gray, White, Beige)

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