Echo Barrier H10 Acoustic Barrier

  • Superb fire resistance and rugged durability. The Echo Barrier H10 offers top quality, all-around noise reduction and absorption. Like all Echo Barrier products, it is portable, durable, and easy to adjust to fit your needs. Waterproof, weatherproof (IPX6/9), and fire resistant to ASTM E84, the H10 protects from noise pollution in even the most extreme conditions.


    • Max Noise Reduction (Lab Tested)* 40.1 dB
    • Max Noise Absorption (Lab Tested)* 96%
    • Height 2050 mm (6 ft 9 in)
    • Width 1335 mm (4 ft 5 in)
    • Rolled dimensions 400 mm (1 ft 4 in) diameter, 1335 mm (4 ft 5 in) wide
    • Weight 6.1 kg (13.4 lbs)
    • Water resistant test standard* BSEN 60529:1992 IPX6 / IPX9
    • Fire resistant test standard* BS 7837-1996, ASTM E84
    • Dust resistant test standard* BSEN 60529-1992
    • Cold resistant test standard (result)* BSEN 60068/2/1:2007 (-40 degrees)
    • Tensile test standard (result)* ISO 17025 (5.52 kN vertical, 1.34 kN horizontal)
    • UV resistant 3 years (USA + Canada), 5 years (rest of the world)



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