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Echo Barrier H3 Acoustic Barrier

  • The Echo Barrier H Series of noise reduction products have been designed to be lightweight and flexible, enabling speedy installation and dismantling, and ensuring they are simple to transport and store. They are easy to fit on to standard site fencing or hoarding, are weatherproof and fire resistant, have night-time reflectors and can be produced to include company branding. They can be purchased or hired and are an extremely cost effective solution to the problems of site noise. They have been designed with patent protected technology which will not deteriorate as the barriers age and wear.


    • Lightweight material
    • Flexible and can be rolled
    • Fire resistant
    • Weatherproof
    • Simple to fit and remove
    • Can be purchased or hired
    • Visible at night
    • Fitting kits available
    • Bespoke colour and design available
    • Expert customer service team on hand 24/7
    • Long shelf life
    • Can be installed by one person
    • Ideal for use outside
    • Simply attached to standard site fencing
    • 2.1m high and 1.2m wide

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