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Specifier Partners

NBS Specification Partnership

Quiet Mark have forged a strategic partnership with NBS, who provide one of the UK’s leading construction data and specification platforms. The collaboration stems from an increased understanding and appreciation of the importance of acoustics. The partnership is designed to ease the access and sourcing of Quiet Mark certified products for the vast community of architects and specifiers using NBS. 

NBS Source is used extensively in the UK construction industry and provides architects, engineers, contractors, and other construction professionals with access to a comprehensive database of construction product information. With over 3,600 practices utilizing NBS for creating specifications, the collaboration ensures that professionals can readily find sound reflective or absorbing products like the BASWA Phon acoustic plaster system and BuzziSpace acoustic furniture, both Quiet Mark certified and listed on NBS Source and quiet products like the Grant Aerona³ R32 Air Source Heat Pump and the Airflow iCONsmart 15 Extractor Fan.

The partnership aims to prioritize the aural design of buildings, ensuring an optimal acoustic environment for a building’s inhabitants. Acoustics, alongside elements like air quality and thermal comfort, play a pivotal role in the emerging trend of designing with well-being in mind.

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RIBA-Approved CPD for the Build Sector

Recognizing the challenges faced by architects, specifiers, and designers, Quiet Mark recently became a member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network. Subsequently, they introduced the first of many CPD seminars focused on acoustics. This initiative not only extends the public health mission of the UK's Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation but also promotes the specification of best practice sound design. Through these efforts, we can collectively, aim to combat noise pollution, ensuring a quieter environment for inhabitants in the years ahead.

Designed to bridge the knowledge gap in acoustic design, Quiet Mark’s RIBA-Approved CPD seminar 'What sound can do for your designs', underscores the profound impact of sound on human health, well-being, and productivity. This CPD course equips professionals with comprehensive information on certified acoustic solutions, all of which are verified by third-party experts at Quiet Mark.

The Quiet Mark RIBA CPD seminar schedule includes power-hour sessions, followed by Q&A sessions with experts. These discussions delve into how the right sound design can positively transform any project. They encompass various applications and sectors, addressing the core principles of acoustic design and how it can fulfil a client's brief while supporting sustainability, wellbeing, productivity, and inclusivity.

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