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Technology and new products to meet on the Coway stand at CES 2022

Technology and new products to meet on the Coway stand at CES 2022

Finally, CES 2022, one of the world's three major IT exhibitions, has opened. As mentioned in the previous article, CES is an event that attracts a lot of attention from consumers as well as the industry because it is an event where you can meet new products and new technologies to be introduced this year. In this year's event, various domestic brands participated and started the exhibition.

Today, we are going to take a look at what technologies were exhibited through the 'live content' that can be enjoyed online on the Coway CES website and the published on-site sketches. For your reference, in addition to the on-site sketch introduced today, the Smart Sleep Solution Demonstration Live will be broadcast on Saturday, January 8th at 2 am, so you can see it on the site below.

Coway, which drew attention from many consumers in 2021, prepared an exhibition booth under the concept of 'We innovate for your better life'. Through this event, Coway is introducing a smart care air mattress, which is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2022, a Noble Collection that emphasizes the combination of filters and smart services, home appliances and interiors, and an air mega purifier. We will try to see how each product and technology is displayed through on-site sketches.


This CES 2022 Coway Pavilion consists of Coway Airmega Zone, Icon Zone, Coway Smart Service Kiosk, Noble Zone, and Smart sleep solution Zone.



The part that I am personally most interested in is the Smart sleep solution Zone. In this zone, you can experience smart care air mattress products, and it is an experiential booth where you can experience how Coway Aircare products work together.

The Coway Smart Care Air Mattress, scheduled to be released in 2022, is said to automatically change the hardness of the air shell in the mattress to suit the user according to the user's body type. And because it has a function that can be adjusted from step 1 to step 9, you can adjust the hardness according to your body type, taste, and condition.

In addition, in conjunction with air care products, when you lie down on the mattress, the lights are automatically turned off, and the air purifier and humidifier set the optimal air quality and humidity to create an optimal sleeping environment.



Coway Noble Water Purifier is a product that has attracted many people's attention in Korea this year. The reason this product has received so much attention is because of its design. At CES 2022 Coway's Noble Zone, Coway's exhibition hall, you can see the 'Noble Collection' lineup of various colors inspired by nature and architectural designs inspired by buildings.



The Coway Noble Water Purifier is a good model in terms of space as well as hygiene, with 6 natural colors and a smart motion faucet design that goes in after use. At the same time, Noble Air Purifier, Humidifier, and Noble Induction, which can be used in full free form for the first time in Korea, which are receiving good reviews in terms of interior design, were exhibited at this exhibition. Since it can be used without a crater boundary, Noble Induction is expected to gain a lot of popularity when it is released.

Icon Zone is the Coway Icon Water purifier exhibition booth, where you can see and experience real filters, along with an interactive attraction that shows a colorful design expressed in 7 colors and core filter technology. In 2022, the Coway Icon water purifier with a smaller design can use more space in the kitchen, and as a quiet model without a compressor, it was the first water purifier to acquire the Q mark (Quiet Mark). there is said to be.

In the Coway Airmega Zone, the Air Mega purifier lineup, the main North American model, is on display. Various sizes, colors, and art collaboration products were available, and an interactive attraction was also operated to check Coway's air purifier filter technology. In these attractions, by touching the transparent display, you can check functions such as air cleaning function and self-replacement of filters in a perspective view.



In addition , the Coway Smart Service Kiosk is located between the Icon Zone and the Smart sleep solution Zone, so Coway's Smart Diagnosis & Filter sensing, Smart AR Catalog, and Amazon DASH technologies can be checked.



Among domestic users, there are probably many people who think of BTS when they think of Coway. Photo zones for visitors can be found throughout the exhibition hall.

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