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BuzziSpace BuzziScreen Acoustic Room Divider

  • The BuzziScreen is a contemporary take on the flexible room divider with all sorts of advantages. Divide your space with BuzziScreen and create distinct areas separated from their nearby environments. The tackable surface allows you to pin objects, photos or letters to it. The handy recycled zipper system makes it easy for you to add panels so it can be extended infinitely. 

    The large surface of fabric-covered acoustic foam ensures full acoustic performance from both front and back, making this the perfect room divider. With internal air gaps, the honeycomb cardboard core captures sound waves, thereby helping mitigate sound transfers between zones.

    Take your BuzziScreen to the next level with the new material option available, BuzziFelt Printed. Choose from 10 prints and opt for different looks with one or a combination of two prints if you can't decide on your favorite.

    • Design by Sas Adriaenssens
    • Sizes: S | M | L
    • Cover: BuzziFelt
    • Core: honeycomb cardboard
    • Zipper in orange or black
    • Dry use
    • Flat packed
    • Bicolor
    • BuzziFoot: extra support in powder coated metal black (RAL 9005) or alu color (RAL 9006)
    • Extra layer in Fabric, Trevira CS+| CS, Revive 1, Clara 2, Remix 3, Hero, Tonus 4, Memory 2

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