In Pursuit Of Silence
Feature-Film Documentary

In UK cinemas until March 2017
USA and Worldwide release coming soon

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  • 30 Nov

    BBC Radio Suffolk - Lesley Dolphin show

    BBC Radio Suffolk - Lesley Dolphin show


    Interview with Poppy Szkiler, BBC Radio Suffolk - Lesley Dolphin show, Wednesday, November 30th - 3.48pm,  02.48.00 ...

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  • 27 Nov

    Silence has stealthily become a must-have commodity for those in the know

    Sunday Times

    The Sunday Times, 2016-11-27

    The world has never been louder and it’s affecting our health. Is it time to turn down the volume? You might want to avoid taking popcorn to the film In Pursuit of Silence by Patrick Shen. You’d feel about as welcome as president-elect Trump at a feminist convention if you did, as much of the film is dedicated to the absence of noise. This isn’t to s ...

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  • 10 Nov

    BBC Radio Newcastle - Lisa Shaw show

    BBC Radio Newcastle - Lisa Shaw show


    Poppy Szkiler interviewed on Lisa Shaw Show, BBC Radio Newcastle, Thursday, November 10th at 11.10am 01.11.00 ...

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  • 04 Nov

    BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester - Tammy Gooding show

    BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester - Tammy Gooding show


    Poppy Szkiler interviewed on Tammy Gooding show, BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester Friday November 4th - 3.35pm 02.35.00 ...

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  • 03 Nov

    Don't shout about it - but a film about the benefits of silence is coming our way

    Newcastle Chronicle


    Fancy a bit of peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle? Then a trip to the cinema might be a step in the right direction. Not to catch the latest action adventure movie but to see a new film called In Pursuit of Silence. It is a documentary by award-winning director Patrick Shen which looks at the impact of noise on our lives – and also the benefits of tranquillity. It was made to rais ...

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  • 01 Nov

    BBC Radio Sussex - Neil Pringle breakfast Show

    BBC Radio Sussex - Neil Pringle breakfast Show


    Poppy Szkiler interviewed on Neil Pringle Breakfast Show, BBC Radio Sussex 7.25am November 1st - 01.28.10 ...

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  • 31 Oct

    How noise can make you FAT, stressed and more likely to have a stroke

    Daily Mail

    Daily Mail, 2016-10-31

    What is your idea of luxury? A deserted beach? A Private jet? A Moment to yourself?The one thing that unites them all is that they shield you from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.Because in today's world, where fridges and washing machines beep, traffic roars, cars talk, rail announcement seem endless and phones demand attention, the ultimate luxury is silence.Read full article: ...

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  • 30 Oct

    BBC Radio Berkshire & Oxford - Bill Buckley show

    BBC Radio Berkshire & Oxford - Bill Buckley show


    Poppy Szkiler interviewed on Bill Buckley show, BBC Radio Berkshire & Oxford, Sunday, October 30th at 1pm 02.08.50 ...

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  • 29 Oct

    Silence is Golden in new documentary

    The Argus


    Even the most extrovert of us appreciates a bit of quiet time now and then. But listening to silence enthusiast Poppy Szkiler makes you realise how important tranquility is to mental and physical wellbeing and how regularly it is neglected in the modern world. Szkiler is executive producer of In Pursuit Of Silence, a documentary by Patrick Shen that exposes the dangers of noise pollution across ...

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  • 29 Oct

    BBC Radio Leeds - Johnny I’Anson Breakfast show

    BBC Radio Leeds Johnny I’Anson Breakfast show


    Poppy Szkiler interviewed on Johnny I’Anson Breakfast show, Saturday, October 29th, 7.45am: 01.46.50 ...

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Why do we need QUIET MARK?

Does it really matter if our appliances are quieter? The World Health Organisation research on Noise Effects and Morbidity believes it is crucial. It says; ‘Environmental noise acts as a stress, at night by disturbing sleep, and via annoyance during the day… With chronically strong annoyance, a causal chain may exist between the three steps: health-annoyance-disease’. So it is extremely important to carefully consider the collection of machines we surround ourselves with. A desirable appliance must not only look good, but needs to be efficient and have a pleasant sound quality. An appliance instantly becomes unwelcome if its starts to dominate.

With the trend for open plan living and quest for light and space, replacing curtains and carpets with hard floor surfaces and shutters has brought a whole set of new challenges and created a more complex and noisier domestic soundscape.


“I couldn't hear my baby crying over the noise of the hairdryer”

Quiet Mark is the international approval award programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation. It encourages companies worldwide to prioritise noise reduction within the design of everyday machines and appliances, and find solutions to noise problems.

Through scientific testing and assessment, we can identify the quietest products in a given category, making purchase decisions quicker and easier. The more successful the scheme becomes, the more designers and manufacturers will be driven to reduce sound levels in their next generation of product.

Control the sound
in your life

What is clearly understood is that when one is exposed to loud, unexpected noise, or low continual sound vibration, strong physical and emotional responses are triggered, depending on the volume, length of time and the sound quality and context. We all know what sounds we like and which ones we hate.

For this reason, Quiet Mark does not mention any specific decibel levels relating to tested products, as every different environment they are used in will subtly influence how the sound is perceived. Our scheme compares products like-for-like in the same environment, and identifies the ones that are quieter than their peers.

"Your washing machine no longer has to sound like a train coming through your kitchen"