John Lewis in partnership with Quiet Mark

'I couldn't hear my baby crying over the noise
of the hairdryer'

Quiet Mark is the international mark of approval award programme from the UK Noise Abatement Society encouraging worldwide companies in the development of noise reduction within the design of everyday machines and appliances

This is a charity led initiative working together with industry to transform our living and working environments to become healthier and less stressed. Being able to control the excessive noise in our surroundings should increase our productivity, our creativity and general enjoyment of life.
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Quiet Mark
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What is clearly understood is that when one is exposed to loud, unexpected noise, or low continual sound vibration, strong physical and emotional responses are triggered, depending on the volume, the length of time and the sound quality and context - we all know what sounds we like and which ones we hate. For this reason Quiet Mark does not mention any specific decibel level for each product, only that they have been compared like for like and that the ones included are quieter than their peers. Explore the Silent Witness pages which offer a variety of expert insight into this intricate and multi-faceted world of sound.

Control the sound in your life

'Your washing machine no longer has to sound like a train coming through your kitchen'

Nobody knows how loud an appliance is going to be until you plug it in at home. No sales person can tell you the comparison of sound quality between products, and there is precious little information on the noise it makes on the packaging.

What sound a machine makes is starting to become a priority for manufacturers, change is happening and Quiet Mark will help the process.

The distinctive purple logo will tell you immediately that this is one of the quietest in category. If consumers demand quieter machines manufacturers will supply them, then quiet will become affordable for all.

By choosing the volume and quality of the sound that surrounds you, bring a more peaceful environment into the home and workplace.