In Pursuit Of Silence
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US, Europe, Japan, Australia 2017
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  • The Sunday Times logo
    The Sunday Times

    Bliss: silent rise of the quiet home

    The Sunday Times header

    Bliss: silent rise of the quiet home

    The Sunday Times, 2016-06-19

    DISTURBED by a powerful hairdryer blaring at dawn or house-proud neighbours vacuuming late into the night? Help may be at hand. High street retailers are facing growing pressure to put noise ratings on household appliances as sales of “soundproofed” products reach a record high. Some domestic items, including vacuum cleaners, already often provide decibel ratings but others, such as food processors that can make a racket of up to 90 decibel ...

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  • House Beautiful logo
    House Beautiful

    Quiet Times

    Reducing noise can help us feel healthier

    House Beautiful, 2017-03-20

    Poppy Szkiler, founder of Quiet Mark, explains the potential effects excessive noise can have on health and how we can minimise the impact at home. Read more:  ...

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  • CBC Radio Canada logo
    CBC Radio Canada

    Is cutting out noise the answer to a stress-free life?

    CBC Radio Canada header

    Is cutting out noise the answer to a stress-free life?

    CBC Radio Canada, 2016-01-01

    It is everywhere - noise that is! The World Health Organization has called noise pollution the second biggest environmental issue after air pollution, and for good reason. Exposure to unwanted sound is detrimental to our learning, health recovery, and mental and physical wellbeing. None of this would come as a surprise to the late John Connell.In 1959, John Connell became fed-up with being assaulted by "noise pollution" in London, England. He fou ...

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  • Forbes logo

    In Pursuit Of Silence Makes Noise About Emulating The Inconvenient Truth

    Forbes header

    In Pursuit Of Silence Makes Noise About Emulating The Inconvenient Truth

    Forbes, 2016-04-11

    When the musician John Cage was researching the essence of silence in the 1940s, he wanted to find the quietest place on earth to experience a place without noise.This place was an anechoic chamber, buried deep below Boston’s Harvard University, but when Cage came out of the chamber he complained to the engineer that there must have been a leak in the soundproofed space. He reported hearing two consistent noises; one high-pitched and the other ...

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  • New Scientist logo
    New Scientist

    It's harder than you might think to appreciate silence

    New Scientist header

    It's harder than you might think to appreciate silence

    New Scientist, 2016-06-15

    If you live in a modern city, finding a quiet spot is a challenge. The buzz of traffic, planes, sirens and the racket of construction are probably the backing track of your daily life. And you’ll get no respite by sitting at your computer even with headphones on: browsing the internet, you’ll be interrupted by ads on autoplay or telltale beeps announcing a new message.Most people seem to adapt to the cacophony, but are we paying a price?In Pu ...

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  • The Sun logo
    The Sun

    Household offenders go on trial

    The Sun header

    Household offenders go on trial

    The Sun, 2016-06-19

    IT seems we really do all want a quiet life.Consumer organisation Quiet Mark has teamed up with the Good Housekeeping Institute to highlight the noise and nuisance factor of various household appliances.The public often complain about excessive noise from domestic goods – with washer-dryers and fridge freezers being the worst offenders.So Quiet Mark will now incorporate a new sound quality test into its domestic appliance trials – and include ...

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  • Radio 4 logo
    Radio 4

    BBC Radio 4 The Film Programme

    Radio 4 header

    BBC Radio 4 The Film Programme

    Radio 4, 2016-06-23

    The Film Programme on Radio 4: interview runs from 16:18 until 21:27.Quiet Mark’s founder Poppy Szkiler is interviewed along with Movie Director Patrick Shen on the Radio 4 Film programme where they discuss the upcoming release of In Pursuit of Silence. ...

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  • BBC logo

    BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester - Malcolm Boyden show

    BBC header

    BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester - Malcolm Boyden show

    BBC, 2016-06-23

    Malcolm Boyden show on BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester: Mark’s founder, Poppy Szkiler is interviewed by Malcolm Boyden in relation to the noise that surrounds us in every day life and what we can do to make our soundscape more peaceful.The interview is broadcast in its entirety once, with an edited version repeated later in the show: Between 09:47 and 19:01Between 2:44:51 and 2:48:10 ...

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  • Daily Mail logo
    Daily Mail

    Help! My home is driving me beeping bonkers: The kitchen appliances that just won't shut up

    Daily Mail header

    Help! My home is driving me beeping bonkers: The kitchen appliances that just won't shut up

    Daily Mail, 2016-06-30

    We have a new oven and, at the risk of being dramatic, I think it is trying to torture me. It just doesn’t stop beeping.It beeps when you switch it on. It beeps when you set the temperature. It beeps when it’s too hot. It beeps when even the tiniest drop of water gets on it. And then some days I think it’s beeping just to torment me.The dishwasher, fridge and freezer are in on it, too.The other night I was settling in down in front of the t ...

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  • The Guardian logo
    The Guardian

    The eco guide to noise pollution

    The Guardian header

    The eco guide to noise pollution

    The Guardian, 2016-09-18

    Silence is golden – or at least it should be. But according to the Noise Abatement Society (NAS), it’s increasingly rare. “Peace is a precious commodity,” says Poppy Szkiler, of Quiet Mark, part of the NAS.Anti-noise campaigners suggest we have a “sliding baseline” in terms of our expectation of quiet time. This ecological term refers to an incremental lowering of standards as each generation progresses.Meanwhile the World Health Orga ...

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Why do we need QUIET MARK?

Does it really matter if our appliances are quieter? The World Health Organisation research on Noise Effects and Morbidity believes it is crucial. It says; ‘Environmental noise acts as a stress, at night by disturbing sleep, and via annoyance during the day… With chronically strong annoyance, a causal chain may exist between the three steps: health-annoyance-disease’. So it is extremely important to carefully consider the collection of machines we surround ourselves with. A desirable appliance must not only look good, but needs to be efficient and have a pleasant sound quality. An appliance instantly becomes unwelcome if its starts to dominate.

With the trend for open plan living and quest for light and space, replacing curtains and carpets with hard floor surfaces and shutters has brought a whole set of new challenges and created a more complex and noisier domestic soundscape.


“I couldn't hear my baby crying over the noise of the hairdryer”

Quiet Mark is the international approval award programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation. It encourages companies worldwide to prioritise noise reduction within the design of everyday machines and appliances, and find solutions to noise problems.

Through scientific testing and assessment, we can identify the quietest products in a given category, making purchase decisions quicker and easier. The more successful the scheme becomes, the more designers and manufacturers will be driven to reduce sound levels in their next generation of product.

Control the sound
in your life

What is clearly understood is that when one is exposed to loud, unexpected noise, or low continual sound vibration, strong physical and emotional responses are triggered, depending on the volume, length of time and the sound quality and context. We all know what sounds we like and which ones we hate.

For this reason, Quiet Mark does not mention any specific decibel levels relating to tested products, as every different environment they are used in will subtly influence how the sound is perceived. Our scheme compares products like-for-like in the same environment, and identifies the ones that are quieter than their peers.

"Your washing machine no longer has to sound like a train coming through your kitchen"