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Pella Lifestyle Series Windows

  • Whether it’s traffic, barking dogs or noises keeping you up at night, nuisance noises can be harmful to your health. Your windows and doors can help block these noises. Pella Lifestyle Series has been intentionally designed to offer performance options that reduce an average of 52% more sound than single-pane windows. Additional panes of glass with airspace between the glass and varying thicknesses of glass improve sound performance. These combinations help disrupt sound waves at different frequencies.


    • PERFORMANCE REDEFINED - An unbeatable combination of energy efficiency, sound control and value. (1)
    • ENHANCED SOUND CONTROL - Patented, triple-pane design with Advanced Low-E glass allows for mixed glass thickness for enhanced sound dampening resulting in an average 52% noise reduction versus single-pane windows. (3)
    • INTENTIONAL DESIGN FOR IMPROVED DURABILITY - Intentional jamb/sill design helps seal the end grain of the wood and elevates it off the rough opening, reducing the potential for moisture. 
    • THE BEST LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY - Pella Lifestyle Series products are covered by the best limited lifetime warranty in the industry for wood windows and patio doors. (4)
    • TESTING BEYOND REQUIREMENTS - Pella products are tested beyond requirements to help ensure they have long-lasting performance and reduce call-backs for you.

    (1) Performance solutions require upgrades to triple-pane, AdvancedComfort Low-E and mixed glass thickness. Based on comparing product quotes and published STC/OITC and U-Factor ratings of leading national wood window and patio door brands. (2) Some Pella products may not meet ENERGY STAR certification in Canada. For moreinformation, contact your local Pella sales representative or go to (3) Reduction in sound based on OITC ratings of Pella Lifestyle Series windows with respective performance package compared to a single-pane wood or vinyl window with an OITC of 19. Calculated by using the sound transmission loss values in the 80 to 4000Hz range as measured in accordance with ASTM E-90(09). Actual results may vary. (4) Based on comparing written limited warranties of leading national wood window and wood patio door brands. See written limited warranty for details, including exceptions and limitations, at 



    Casement Windows Lifestyle Triple Pane Vent Casement Sash
    Lifestyle Triple Pane Vent Casement with Blind
    Lifestyle Triple Pane Vent Casement with Shade
    Awning Windows Lifestyle Triple Pane Vent Awning
    Lifestyle Triple Pane Vent Awning with Shade
    Lifestyle Triple Pane Vent Awning with Blind



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