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Fisher & Paykel DD60DDFHX9 Double DishDrawer™ Dishwasher

  • Designed to fit existing kitchen cabinetry, the DD60DDFHX9 DishDrawer™ Double dishwasher have comparable dimensions to those of traditional dishwashers but provide the benefit of two independent drawers for added convenience, and smaller wash loads. One drawer can be washing dishes and you can use the other to stack more dirty dishes. The top drawer is at bench height making it easy to load and unload dishes, and easier to add detergent, rinse aid and salt. No need to get on your knees and place your head inside!

    The interior is also clever with folding tines to create space for pans, and movable racks to fit bowls as well as plates.


    • Use both drawers independently - Select different wash programs for each
    • Easy load detergent, salt, rinse-aid and dishes. Reduced bending   
    • Each drawer holds true half load for guilt-free small washes           
    • Flexible racking- Switch from plates to bowls to pans          
    • Built-in water softener          
    • Real steel doors with designer handle          
    • Quick wash 30 minute program        
    • Sanitise program kills 99.9% of bacteria in final rinse          
    • Extra-Dry option - great for drying plastics   
    • Runs at low decibel rating - Great for open-plan living spaces
    • 12 Place Settings
    • E Energy Rating, 152kWh/year
    • H 820-880 x W 599 x D 573
    • 5 year warranty

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