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BuzziSpace BuzziVille Freestanding Modular Workstation

  • Create and recreate workspaces with this modular, freestanding system. It is easy to configure and allows you to interact, focus, socialize or brainstorm. There are no boundaries. Organize open floor plan environments into different spaces and customize with various accessories, e.g. individual desks, couches and shelves.

    Upholstered in sound-absorbing materials, BuzziVille provides an acoustic cocoon to focus or host a private meeting. The soft edges and round shapes help to diffuse sound even better. The entire cocoon, upholstered with acoustic foam, soaks up sound waves, resulting in more internal privacy and less background noise from the outside world.

    Available in different configurations, a range of models and colors, you can configure this freestanding system according to the requirements of any space.

    • Design by Alain Gilles
    • Predefined Setups: Booth, Booth Standing, Hub, Hub Open, Desk, Meet
    • Inspiration Models: Work, Snake, Focus, Club, Cocoon Ville CIY (Configure It Yourself)
    • Dry use

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