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Velair Pebble Plug & Play Hand Dryer

  • A high quality, low carbon hand dryer equipped with an intelligent H13 media filter, helping to maintain hygienic protocol. It’s digital brushless motor negates the need for maintenance, making it perfect for high footfall environments, whilst its secure Plug & Play ® functionality allows for easy installation, replacement, and servicing.


    • Product Code / SKU: VAPB001, VAPB002, VAPB003, EHDPPW001, EHDPPS002, EHDPPB003
    • Plug & Play ®- is easily installed, upgraded, or replaced, within seconds, by anyone; no skilled labour required
    • H13 Media iFilter – notifies the user when a new filter is required
    • Digital Brushless Motor- perfect for high footfall environments
    • IONPURE Antimicrobial Dryer Cover- A germ and bacteria resistant finish.
    • IK Rating: IK08- impact rating 
    • TerraSafe- Enhanced safety protocol which creates a mechanical lock for cable entry.
    • High Gloss UV Anti-Scratch Coating
    • Finishes: 
      • White & UV coating 
      • Silver & UV coating 
      • Black & UV coating
    • Construction:
      • Materials - Fireproof 94VO, ABS
      • Antibacterial Protection - IONPURE antimicrobial
      • Net Weight 2.6kg
    • Dimensions:
      • Product Height 322mm
      • Product Width 270mm
      • Product Depth 145mm
    • Certification:
      • CE,RoHs (TUV certified), UKCA marked in accordance with EEC documents

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