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BuzziSpace BuzziFalls Suspended Acoustic Room Divider

  • Create a layer of privacy with a playful room divider also available as a free-standing folding screen. The sound-absorbing felt construction ensures full acoustic performance from both front and back. It mitigates sound transfers between zones and absorbs high frequency tones, e.g. colleagues’ chatter, typing or ringing sounds, which make this the perfect room divider in open spaces.

    Made of dual layer BuzziFelt, these sound-absorbing panels are precision cut with bold patterns, available in a range of biophilic and geometric designs. Opt for the Trio version with three panels to divide larger spaces or use it to screen off unwanted noise from kitchen or copy areas. It also comes in a single-panel version offering the possibility to add multiple +1 panels for ultimate customization. Personalize your own space by choosing a striking BuzziFelt color and one of  the different patterns.

    • Design by Sas Adriaenssens
    • Models: Single | Trio | +1
    • Patterns: Alhambra, Birch, Cubes, Dots, Grid, Leaves, Orient, Palms, Parrots, Pebbles, Plain, Rain, Squares, Stars, Royal, Tropics
    • 2 layers of BuzziFelt
    • Profile powder coated metal black (RAL 9005)
    • W 84 cm H 204 cm D 2,1 cm
    • W 33.07” H 80.31” D 0,83”
    • Bicolor
    • Dry Use

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